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New Jersey

This site located in central New Jersey was purchased by a large and growing national trucking, transportation and logistics provider. Our client was the general contractor who had been working on the site for roughly a year getting everything ready and had to throw another line striping business off the job for ignoring the onsite property managers requests about work times, creating a mess and generally being unprofessional. Additionally, the client had concerns about maintenance requirements of certain crosswalks as they would experience 18-wheel trucks 24 hours a day.

Our Solution:

We were able mobilize quickly to grind off of the previously applied pavement markings and apply thermoplastic pavement markings in the high traffic areas. We removed all the previous markings for the employee lot and created a new layout which included ADA compliant stalls, signage, and pavement markings. We also used about 90 recycled rubber wheel stops in all parking stalls along the new fence line to prevent vehicles from damaging the fence. Lastly, we also add a 20-foot enclosed
fire lane all around the 2 million square foot facility as had been requested of the client by the fire marshal in order to pass their inspection.

Project Details


September 2018




Construction: Move Parking Lot (Line Striping, Line Removal, Signage, Wheel Stops, Safety Markings).

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