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Montgomery County Community College

Late in the summer of 2018 most student parking lots were repaved and needed a “layout” (line striping term for parking measurements) and line striping for about 1,000 parking stalls. Layouts are fun as they require you to think through what you’re doing – if you ever liked geometry class in high school, you’d probably enjoy this!

These parking lots were long and narrows as well as being structured in a “grid” format (meaning the various lots and sections of stalls were all in coordination with each other). Quick Lot used a laser technology perfect for jobs like this to help keep the dimensions accurate and insure the stalls were all within the same grid even over several thousand feet apart. We were able to get the layout completed in time for students and faculty to use the lots for the start of their school year.

Project Details


August 2018


Montgomery County Community College



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parking lot striping paint - parking lot striping tape - thermoplastic - Quick Lot

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