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The Austin

The Austin is an upscale multi-family apartment complex located in Deptford, NJ. It has a parking lot of about 295,000 square feet that was aging and experiencing several functional and aesthetic problems. When the parent company and manager of The Austin reached out to us, they let us know they had institutional investors walking the site in just weeks from then and needed the lot looking good right away!

They knew that they wanted to use sealcoat and line striping to really bring the improve the parking lot appearance and decided to also make the appropriate underlying asphalt repairs so that problems wouldn’t return. Basically, they wanted the lot to look great but they were also willing to fix the hard problems that were wreaking havoc and would continue to do so unless fixed.

Immediately, we were able cut out and remove old asphalt and replace with new asphalt as well as use infrared repairs. We address underlying problems such as grading so that water would drain properly. Addressing drainage issues is step 1 to extending the life of a parking lot – when drainage issues are left they will typically begin to damage the base of the parking lot at which point damage spreads quickly and needs full depth repairs.

After fixing these structural problems, and with very little time to complete the project before an investor walkthrough, Quick Lot then used rubberized tar crack seal to seal all the cracks and applied 2-3 coats of coal tar seal coat in 2 mobilizations. Normally, we would have recommended doing it more phases as doing it only two mobilizations was a logistical headache at a residential site such as this but was the only way to complete the project in time.

Quick Lot’s solution was to staff the site with extra personnel at crosswalks and such to help residents get in and out of their homes without getting seal coat on themselves or their vehicles!

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The Austin


Line Striping on Sealcoat

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