Matt Odhner - Quick Lot parking lot maintenance

Matt Odhner and Brothers – 1990’s

A Story by Matt Odhner, Owner of Quick Lot, a parking lot maintenance, repair and line striping company.

The best surprise my parents ever pulled off in my childhood was when they got a conversion van. It was the 90’s and my brothers and I had a fascination with these big “luxury” vehicles stocked with TV’s, a VCR, cool lighting options, two built in coolers, and a back seat that could turn into a bed!

A regular school night they surprised us with a meal at McDonald’s which was great as we were growing boys and loved the chance to eat fast food. On the way home from dinner they told us we were going to look at a conversion van at a Fred Beans Ford Dealership just for fun. The car salesman was in on the surprise and let us crawl around the inside of the van working ourselves into a froth of excitement. Right before we were getting ready to leave my parents told us we were taking the van home – it was pure joy. I think I was picturing myself moving my bedroom to the van and living out of it.

What’s in a name?

All of this was done by some name we kept hearing which sounded kind of funny to me – Fred Beans. The name stuck in a place in my mind over the years without much thought until recently when I got a phone call from an elderly man who introduced himself as Fred.

Anyway, it took me back and really warmed my heart at the prospect of him becoming a client as I sort of had this awe of him. You see, I’m the owner of Quick Lot, a parking lot maintenance, repair and line striping company.  I was especially happy to do a drive through on some of his 20+ dealerships and offer sound ways to protect his assets and improve the aesthetic appearance.

It’s pretty cool how life comes full circle.

If you have a car dealership and want to have your lots inspected, maintained or repaired, give me a call. We’ll be happy to provide a report and let you know where you might want to enhance your lot(s)… whether now or in the future. And as Fred Beans taught me as a young man, take care of your customers and give them a great experience they’ll never forget.