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We love Lowes

Quick Lot had a great time working with Lowe’s in 2018. We re-striped about 15 Lowes facilities; doing 1 and sometimes 2 parking lots in a single night. However, this one was fun because it was on fresh sealcoat. This project was completed for a client who does paving, sealcoat and striping; but opted to use Quick Lot when their striper was tied up.

Since customer service and the Lowe’s customer experience was of utmost importance, we were able to do each phase quickly each morning and then rush to re-open each section safely.

We were able to arrive early each morning, despite the facilities being about 1.5 hours west of our shop. We used latex traffic paint as the sealcoat used was a coal tar product which reacts with solvent based paints we often use. Luckily, we have machines dedicated to each color and each type of paint to eliminate the hassle of switching.

Project Details


July 2018


Big Box Retail


Line Striping on Sealcoat

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handicapped spaces - parking signage - ADA Compliance - Quick Lot

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